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Sales support tools

Do you feel that your company is flexible but does not have up to date marketing and sales materials? We offer a simple solution for that which does not cost a dime to you, still you get all the essential marketing materials. To make this happen you only need to tell us your needs!

We take care of the rest!

Our business model

The cost of our package is paid by the suppliers/partners who - in return - will get the chance to advertise their services in your marketing materials. This way the sales package can be free for our customers. This also means that when these materials are being presented, it advertises both you and your suppliers.

Our goal is to provide you such marketing materials which can be used successfully both you and your suppliers/partners. You and your partners can be stronger together when you are opening to the world.

We offer materials in multiple formats, so you can choose the one which suits the most for your taste and needs.

The offer contains an introductory video, a brochure and an introductory presentation. The content of these materials depend on your preferences.

Examples of co-branding cooperations

Package contents

Printed brochure (2000 pcs)

  • Direct and classic look
  • Perfect for sales pitches
  • In a format suitable for your needs
  • Can be downloadable from your website in PDF
  • Share in social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)
2000 pcs of printed brochure


  • Ideal both for presenting to a large audience and for one-to-one discussions
  • Can be used on commercial exhibitions and other events
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Share it in social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)

Introductory video

  • Make your video available on your company website
  • Suitable to display on commercial exhibitions and other events
  • Use in email campaigns
  • Share it in social media (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.)
Introductory video


“Recommending to anyone

The most important thing for us was to have our image film made by a company who shares the same worldview. Accuracy, precision and customer focus. They fulfilled our expectations and the result was just like we have dreamed it up. The team has significant expertise. Thank you for the great job!”

Thomas Rieth
Sales manager

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